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Chapter Three - What is Meant by Controlling Climate Change?

I'm writing this a fortnight earlier than planned in order to give readers the chance of a summer-break free from the thoughts of Climate Change.  We all need a rest!

Dangerous Climate Change

Based on best available scientific evidence, it is clear than increases in CO2, and other greenhouse gas CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent), which consitute F in the Kaya Identity (see earlier), result in temperature elevation.  The relationship between the two is known as climate sensitivity.  It is accepted by most scientists that a CO2 doubling (from pre-industrial 280ppm to 550ppm) will probably lead to a roughly 3C temperature rise.  Dependent on the emission scenario, the IPCC calculated a range of between 1.5C and 4.5C.  Unfortunately, this is far from exact since fossil records estimate that climate sensitivity could be as high as 6C (Hansen).

Are temperature increases dangerous?  The overriding consensus is a resounding yes.  There is no question that biomes, including pathogenic specie…