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Chapter Ten - Conclusion

We are, truly, in a Climate Emergency.  As outlined throughout this book, unless bold action is taken in the next 3-5 years to change the economic system, we may well be facing a long-drawn out equivalent of the sudden extinction of the dinosaurs 66 million years ago – and certainly the worst set of circumstances since The Flood in Noah’s Time.  There are real problems ahead: fire; flooding and loss of entire cities; drought; hundreds of millions of migrants; ocean acidification; increased disease; significant food shortages; and, inevitably, some wars as a result.
None of us of course can predict the future, and the last chapter is only an attempt at scenario-building.  But the IPCC 2018 Report makes it clear that the world must target a temperature increase above that of 1900 to no more than 2C – and even better 1.5C.  If we fail, the future looks very bleak indeed.
To achieve this, the bold action required is needed now and, as the Drawdown Report emphasises, this must be done on …