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Apart from my native English, I can speak fluent German but only basic French - I would need to live in France to speak it properly.  As for Spanish all I can do is order a beer politely! Stephanie, native French, is fluent in English especially having lived in Australia with Lee for 16 years now. Robert, native Scot (from the Orkney Isle), is fluent in Spanish.  I'm impressed! John & James who live in Malta are multi-lingual.  Jean-Luc and his twin brother Emmanuel are bi-lingual in French (the language of love!) and English.  


 I have two great loves in my life - Stephanie Legros, and Robert Clouston.  Truth be told, there's also a third - but no names mentioned!

Martin & Planet Earth

 Martin is my older brother, who was born and died on 17 April 1971.  He would be 50 years old this year. BUT there are ENOUGH problems to be solved on our home, Planet Earth, without thinking of going to Mars!


 I have just been napping and got round to thinking about Birthdays, at which point I started choking! I plan to keep kids' (up to 18, and then again at 21) birthdays from now, plus commemorate the wisdom of those who reach 70, 80, 90 and 100.  No birthday cake though!


 When I was in the Himalayas in the summer of 1994 on a UN Mission with my best friend Julien Seetharamdoo, the week my mum passed away, Julien & I went on a trek into the reserve behind the school we were helping out at. Half an hour into the walk, Julien pointed out it was actually a Tiger Reserve and, lo and behold, we then heard a tiger roar!  Needless to say, we turned back to base.  Julien saved my life that day! The UN killed my mum.  It was trying to kill me too!

The Economy

The UK economy would do a LOT better if we were all STRAIGHT UP and paid our TAXES! The country needs good UNIONS, but NOT militant ones like the RMT! Interest rates need to go UP from present low levels.  It is NO GOOD pumping more money into the economy through quantitive easing, witch is unsustainable.

Trip to London

 Last night, I got £167 back from my Savings Account which my Aunt Lynne had been keeping for me.  Despite promises to the contrary, of course I have already spent most of it! ON: - £20 on the National Lottery in the hope of winning a £20M Jackpot (10 tickets)! - £20 on the Football.  I got the Boro game wrong, but won £13 back on a Man Utd game.  Result! - £19 donation to the United Church of God - matching an earlier donation I had made to the Restored Church of God.  After all, BOTH Churches are preaching the gospel. - £5 donation to the Labour Party - £95 on a return trip to London on Monday.  My thoughts were to visit David (Pascall) for work, my former boss at Terra Firma, as well as give my ex Robert (Clouston) a call on the way down to see if he was free.  Quite what I was thinking I don't really know though - I'm coming down with COVID as it is, and, really, I'd need to win the Lottery before making the trip to London.  Hence the tickets above! As things stand, I w