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Trip to London

 Last night, I got £167 back from my Savings Account which my Aunt Lynne had been keeping for me.  Despite promises to the contrary, of course I have already spent most of it! ON:

- £20 on the National Lottery in the hope of winning a £20M Jackpot (10 tickets)!

- £20 on the Football.  I got the Boro game wrong, but won £13 back on a Man Utd game.  Result!

- £19 donation to the United Church of God - matching an earlier donation I had made to the Restored Church of God.  After all, BOTH Churches are preaching the gospel.

- £5 donation to the Labour Party

- £95 on a return trip to London on Monday.  My thoughts were to visit David (Pascall) for work, my former boss at Terra Firma, as well as give my ex Robert (Clouston) a call on the way down to see if he was free.  Quite what I was thinking I don't really know though - I'm coming down with COVID as it is, and, really, I'd need to win the Lottery before making the trip to London.  Hence the tickets above!

As things stand, I won 3 Lucky Dips on the Lottery.  Maybe I'll have better luck next time!

I won't be going to London tomorrow now.  I've got to stop this impulse spending!

This morning, I'm listening to Graham Norton (he's classic!) on Virgin Radio, and reading The Sunday Times.  Studying hard til noon!


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