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Mental Health in London

It would be a good idea if The Priory near Richmond Park was turned into a visitor attraction, with guided tours starting this (Britishsummer.


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CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS - BY 2030 NOT 2050! To: My nieces and nephews, Lydia-Jo, Edie, Lizzie, Jake, Sam, Harry and Hollie THANKS & PREAMBLE I would like to thank Professor Douglas Crawford-Brown, Caroline Kaufmann, Dr. Kay Ullmann, Brian McDonnell, Manish Agarwal, Benjamin Warr, Gillian Cramm and Peter Goldmark for their contributions to this solutions-focused book. The material it contains has been the product of over a decade worth of thinking and studying the subject from every conceivable angle, and has taken me on a personal journey through business and academia, from conviviality to solitude and back again - during which I have also read and studied over 100 books on the subject.  I hope this book (now available on Amazon  here  )serves as a useful reference to for those interested in the most pressing issue of our age.  Please feel free to comment. Yours, STEFAN RIGBY LUDGATE MA(Cantab.) ACA MBA(INSEAD), aka HIKERLONDON

Private Message

A Private Message to HM The Queen: I hope you liked the compass I sent you on the occasion of your 95th birthday (today).  I hope that, by this, you will always find your way North and East in the years ahead.  Have a wonderful day today.

Twenty Years On

I now realise that 20 years ago this Fall (1991-92), whilst I was working for Arthur Andersen in Cambridge and Munich, was a set-up by MI6 to persuade me to be stay gay, which worked with the help of Agents Ruth and Holly, I won't be fooled a second-time round.  I am now very much a straight (forward) gay (happy) guy. Stephanie is my girlfriend, and Robert is my best mate.