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Protecting Children

Children, even naughty ones, are not demon-possessed, and should receive our full love and attention until age 18 (and then also up to 21 by the time they fully mature).

Paedos on the other hand are a scourge on society for their sick evil ways.  They should be grateful, that here in the UK we imprison them for LIFE and then throw away the key.  In other countries they would (and should) be shot. 


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CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS - BY 2030 NOT 2050! To: My nieces and nephews, Lydia-Jo, Edie, Lizzie, Jake, Sam, Harry and Hollie THANKS & PREAMBLE I would like to thank Professor Douglas Crawford-Brown, Caroline Kaufmann, Dr. Kay Ullmann, Brian McDonnell, Manish Agarwal, Benjamin Warr, Gillian Cramm and Peter Goldmark for their contributions to this solutions-focused book. The material it contains has been the product of over a decade worth of thinking and studying the subject from every conceivable angle, and has taken me on a personal journey through business and academia, from conviviality to solitude and back again - during which I have also read and studied over 100 books on the subject.  I hope this book (now available on Amazon  here  )serves as a useful reference to for those interested in the most pressing issue of our age.  Please feel free to comment. Yours, STEFAN RIGBY LUDGATE MA(Cantab.) ACA MBA(INSEAD), aka HIKERLONDON

Northern Ireland

On the eve of the G7 Summit in Cornwall, up for discussion is the future of Northern Ireland. It is my view that Northern Ireland is very much a part of the United Kingdom and that, if it comes down to a choice of a border down the Irish Sea and a border between North and South, the latter should be put in place. In other words, the UK should now act unilaterally, ignore pressure from EU bureaucrats, and protect the Kingdom! This will involve tearing up the Good Friday Agreement.