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Memorial Day

Today, 31 May 2021, is Memorial Day in the US and Spring Holiday here in the UK.  It also coincides with my late May birthday weekend, which makes me especially pensive as I become another year older.

I am going to finalise the admin relating to the launch of the Internet Church of God later today, as I think of the sacrifices brave men and women have made in the defence of our countries in past conflicts.  In doing so, I would like to thank HM The Queen for her steadfast approach and guidance in securing the realm thus far.  God Save The Queen!


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CLIMATE CHANGE SOLUTIONS - BY 2030 NOT 2050! To: My nieces and nephews, Lydia-Jo, Edie, Lizzie, Jake, Sam, Harry and Hollie THANKS & PREAMBLE I would like to thank Professor Douglas Crawford-Brown, Caroline Kaufmann, Dr. Kay Ullmann, Brian McDonnell, Manish Agarwal, Benjamin Warr, Gillian Cramm and Peter Goldmark for their contributions to this solutions-focused book. The material it contains has been the product of over a decade worth of thinking and studying the subject from every conceivable angle, and has taken me on a personal journey through business and academia, from conviviality to solitude and back again - during which I have also read and studied over 100 books on the subject.  I hope this book (now available on Amazon  here  )serves as a useful reference to for those interested in the most pressing issue of our age.  Please feel free to comment. Yours, STEFAN RIGBY LUDGATE MA(Cantab.) ACA MBA(INSEAD), aka HIKERLONDON

Porky Pie

I bought a pork pie from the village Post Office this week - thinking about my mum. She once bought a ceramic pork pie from The Shambles in York, and told everyone she had bought a pork pie!! 


 When I was in the Himalayas in the summer of 1994 on a UN Mission with my best friend Julien Seetharamdoo, the week my mum passed away, Julien & I went on a trek into the reserve behind the school we were helping out at. Half an hour into the walk, Julien pointed out it was actually a Tiger Reserve and, lo and behold, we then heard a tiger roar!  Needless to say, we turned back to base.  Julien saved my life that day! The UN killed my mum.  It was trying to kill me too!