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 Yesterday I went to York for the day to see my friend Kelli who was up visiting from London.  

The weather was bad - it rained a lot - so we took refuge in Kelli's hotel bar to catch up with one another over champagne and nibbles.  Once the rain stopped, we ventured out to the Christmas Market.  It is very classy in York - and enough to be exciting.  We enjoyed Bratwurst and Mulled Wine before heading on to The Shambles and stopping for a G&T at the York Gin pop-up shop at Coppergate.

Come 5pm we took up our reservation at The Ivy.  The food was delicious and although we weren't there for very long (I had a train to catch home), it was a fitting end to a great day.  I have no regrets (for eating the Bratwurst!).

Kelli bought a bottle of York Gin, and treated me to a bottle too.  I'm going to save mine for the weekend when I see Emily & Matthew on Sunday.


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