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Change of Plan A

Let's SAVE London! 
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Porky Pie

I bought a pork pie from the village Post Office this week - thinking about my mum. She once bought a ceramic pork pie from The Shambles in York, and told everyone she had bought a pork pie!! 

Crazy Weather

 The crazy weather the world has been experiencing this month around the Northern Hemisphere - from fires in California and Siberia to floods in Germany and China, are a foretaste of worse to come.  God is firmly in control of this broken world and is about to teach mankind a big lesson in the need to follow Him!

US Heatwave

The US Pacific North West and Western Canada are currently experiencing a highly unusual heatwave, due to high pressure which has settled over the region with record temperatures being set.  This is a repeat of the 1911 Heatwave which preceded The Great War by 3 years.  History repeating itself.  God always warns His People in advance.