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Easter Services

We were driving home to London after keeping Easter Services with Robert, my ex-partner, when we heard the good news of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother passing away. Our Families and The Royal Family had better not keep any Easter Services from here on in.


 What is the difference between a good friend and a great friend?  A GREAT friend keeps the same religious holidays as you do - the Holy Days celebrated in The Bible.

Protecting Children

Children, even naughty ones, are not demon-possessed, and should receive our full love and attention until age 18 (and then also up to 21 by the time they fully mature). Paedos on the other hand are a scourge on society for their sick evil ways.  They should be grateful, that here in the UK we imprison them for LIFE and then throw away the key.  In other countries they would (and should) be shot.