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Millenium Dome

Yesterday I saw the 3 Crows of Revelation in Wolviston Village -reminiscent of a dream I keep having where the End Times are delayed. We also learned yesterday that the O2 Millennium Dome's roof was ripped to shreds from Storm Eunice's 80mph winds

Cost of Living Crisis

It was reported this week that in the UK inflation hit a 30-year high of 5.5% Inflation will go yet higher still as prices of energy and food in particular hit new highs over the Spring. We are entering new territory as an increasing global population approaching 8 billion competes for ever limited resources.  It is time to cut back on costs as much as possible. Fasten your seatbelts! 

Seventy Years!

Today marks 70 years since HM The Queen's Accession to The Throne.  She has understandably spent the day privately.  However, she has a lot to be proud of in her past 70 years ruling a rebellious nation!  I hope Her Majesty takes time to celebrate during this coming year.  Long may she live! Yesterday evening, she announced that her express wish is that Camilla should become Queen Consort to King Charles upon her death. That question is now settled.