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 It's been a long time (Summer 1991) since I was travelling around Germany with Kate, Sarah and Anton.  I haven't heard from them since. I hope they're OK. We stayed in YMCAs going around Germany.  It was in Munich, I met my first "love".

Crows of Revelation

I have, just now, ordered a mug with a Crow of Revelation on it, from Russell Brand's online store in order to support his work.  He is on Tour this year. I hope he has every success.

Levi Strauss

I nearly bought a pair of Levi jeans online tonight, having first checked to see whether there is a Levi Strauss shop in Bournemouth (there is) when I go away for the Feast this Autumn.   Mind, since I am asking the Church for financial assistance this year, I can hardly justify £100 on a pair of jeans either now or in October. Then I thought to check how many jeans I own.  I had 5 pairs already!  I tried them on for size. 3 no longer fit, but 2 are in perfectly good condition.  And who really needs more than 2 pairs?  So my "little problem" has been solved.  I now have 2 good pairs of jeans to wear. Jeans use up a lot of water and dye in their manufacture too.  The less we consume the better off we'll all be!


I have effectively been barred from The Welly bar, because I am short on bar (German for cash)!  I'll stay out until 29 May.

What A Day!

What a day, today is turning out to be! I have been planning my speech on Climate Change - ready for the Church's Ladies' Night.  The very subject is controversial, but it is an important story to tell.